The name of the organization is called IDEAL WOMAN ORGANIZATION LTD.This is a Non-profit making CBO organization geared towards uplifting the women status in terms of economic,social and political entrepreneurship while men are lining behind this destination.This organizationís slogan goes .Literally,ideal woman organization was started with an empire of aims and objectives among which include,skills development,self and financial empowerment with improvement,building a religious foundation,girl child education,finding women choices,promoting cultural belief and heritages,promoting self discovery,girl participation in co-curricular activities among others.

The registered office of the organization will be situated in the republic of Uganda.Therefore; the organizationís head office shall be located in Greater Masaka Town where it will link to Kampala City for countrywide and global wide business networking.Ideal woman organization came to liberate women and give them a platform to discuss women problems as well as finding solutions as a group privately for women affairs.



Meeting Young mothers

Group Photo